Weather LiveBlog added.

We just activated a LIVE WeatherBlog. I’m looking at ways to add certain users to live realtime posts as well as adding certain twitter feeds to it as well. With it becoming that time of year where we keep our eyes on the weather. It may be a good time to get this going again. It can be found in the Weather slider under weather block.

UPDATE: The WeatherBlog has been pulled, from the weather room.  It did not function as advertised.

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A planet past Pluto? Astronomers redefine the solar system’s edge

Our little corner of the universe just got a little more crowded.

Scientists at the Carnegie Carnegie Institution for Science announced Wednesday the discovery of a new cosmic neighbor — a distant dwarf planet named 2012 VP113 that was found spinning in the depths of space well past Pluto. Its existence suggests there may be another actual planet out there, they said, a rogue giant ten times bigger than Earth orbiting in the distant blackness.  Continue reading

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US gives up its last bit of control over the internet – but really, it’s just a PR stunt

On Friday, the United States government announced that it would give up the last vestige of control it still exerts over the internet, and would hand over control for DNS maintenance and the assignment of new global domains to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). This move is surprising given that as recently as 2011, the US government had sought to increase its power over ICANN, applying for the ability to veto new gTLD domains.  Continue reading

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Apple, Comcast not to Net TV future

Apple may have finally found a TV content partner that can flex some muscle.

After years of trying but largely failing to launch its own smart TV product that can satisfy a wide band of audience, Apple may be joining hands with Comcast, the largest pay-TV provider in the U.S.  Continue reading

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Basecamp Held Hostage by Hackers

It looks like hackers have hit Basecamp with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack and are demanding that the company pay a ransom.  Continue reading

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Program Updates!!!


 Major Update and overhaul underway for my program called WeatherBackground.  Programming for Version 2.0 started this week, it’s a complete rewrite as well as a new compiler.  The previous method of change and updates used insecure and out of date methods.  Coding began this week on a early ALPHA version.  I hope to have this out to testers shortly.  It is my intention to provide this program as shareware, so will be working on a donation method via the Website as well.  The early release version of this will be very simple and I’ll add in the complexity as I continue work on it.  Stay Tuned!!

Recent update to the website included a modification to the User Information Plugin/Widget located on the Website’s sidebar.  I hope to release it before long.  I added a bit more information that the program gathers and changed the method it was obtaining it.  Upgrading it’s accuracy, it is better than the previous release.   It at this time it can detect certain OS’s as well as certain mobile devices.  At some point I may expand it even further.  For now it is still in development as I’m looking at resolving some CSS related issues.

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AMD touts new low-cost desktop chipset, calls Intel’s a “dead-end”


Developing markets targeted with $60 price point for chip and mobo combined.

The developing world may be turning toward cheap and portable smartphones, but AMD seems confident that what those markets need is more desktop computing power.
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Boeing’s Bird of Prey: A Prototype Jet Worthy of the Klingon Empire

Bird of Prey
From the U-2 Dragon Lady and A-12 Oxcart, to the SR-71 Blackbird and D-12 Ramjet Drone, there’s been no shortage of exotic aircraft (and UFO sightings) in the skies over Nevada’s Area 51. But among the most extreme examples of bleeding-edge avionic design tested was the otherworldly Boeing Bird of Prey. Continue reading

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Forbes: Reporting No iPhone 6 till September, and why.

Because Apple sells more than 150 million iPhones a year with a sprawling network of suppliers making components, its ability to maintain such a wide cone of silence has become near-impossible. Apple has been mum but it appears  that the upcoming iPhone will switch to sapphire screen coating instead of the thin Corning Gorilla Glass that has been there since 2007. And how do we know this is happening? Last November, Apple paid $578 million to GT Advanced Technologies in Arizona to help it produce lots and lots of sapphire, used commonly in high-end watches because it’s so durable and scratch resistant. But what wasn’t yet clear was whether that meant Apple would be taking the big step of covering the whole iPhone screen with it.  Continue reading

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Kinect has been evaluated for mass surveillance, GCHQ spy docs reveal


However it’s unclear if spy agency has used the Xbox tech.  The UK intelligence agency GCHQ had previously evaluated the potential of the Xbox 360′s Kinect camera for bulk surveillance purposes, a new report claims.
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